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Destination Wedding Photographer – Warren & Ciara – Algarve

Destination wedding photographer…..

Finally I have the opportunity to jump on a plane and fly to a beautiful location as a Destination Wedding Photographer. I’ve been somewhat jealous of every Destination Wedding Photographer in my trade. Being a wedding photographer is a blessing, doing it abroad though, wow……flying out to beautiful places to do what you love as a job is so special. Mind you, it’s not supposed to rain in Portugal. Yes, it rained for most of the day with a few dry spells. I guess it shows you can’t buy the weather wherever you go.  It was still amazing though despite the rain.

I met Warren & Ciara a few years ago whilst capturing his sister’s wedding, Andrea. We talked about the possibility of me being a Destination Wedding Photographer for them. Honestly, I’d forgotten the conversation, I was over the moon when Warren contacted me to make arrangements, so pleased I was free. I flew out early Sunday morning to spend a much needed few days with my wife ahead of their Wednesday wedding. Actually, my wife said I couldn’t go unless I took her along. We had a nice time even though I made her watch me eat a huge spider crab, that’s marriage for you 🙂

On the day of the wedding, Ciara and her bridesmaids were getting ready at the venue which is a stunning 5* resort called Vila Vita Parc. This place is huge, you can easily do 3 miles just walking around the grounds. It’s beautiful, stunning, epic and a perfect setting for a wedding. The girls were all in fine spirits despite the weather, which at this time was rain. Lucky for all of us that the weather changed for a few hours enabling Warren & Ciara to an outside ceremony.

55 of their family & friends flew out to join in the celebrations and what a party they had. I left at near 1am and the party was still in full swing. I’m sure there were plenty of fragile heads in the morning.

A brilliant time had by myself and all I imagine. Thank you Warren & Ciara for letting me capture your day. A small snipet of their day.


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